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Graphic design is visual communication, art, profession, and a bonding process text, images, signs, symbols, photographs, colors and graphics to communicate an effective language to an observer. It is an architecture in which visual sequence is organized in the form and structure, as a result eloquent graphic design guide rather than a text declaration. This is a combined force of the words of writer and designer improved design and integrate effective communication.

Graphic Design organizes visual information, the use of typography and illustrations so that successfully projects the concept of visual appearance. The graphic elements facilitate the expression of thought to the display, and the attention of fragments of the beholder pleasant and fascinating eyes.

Today, graphic design is done in various fields of media, the distribution of your message effectively through logos, graphics, posters, brochures, posters and other visual elements. The main industries include this creative work of art in the media are such as: websites, print advertising, publishing, digital media, film, animation, product design, packaging, information signs, etc.

For the purpose of clarity and efficient transport messages to the viewer, graphic design can be powerful, purpose, or sometimes only a distinctive artistic presentation. It may simply be drawing an imaginary or realistic creative revelation.

The use of graphic design is to make it easier for the viewer, as an enhancement to the textual description, and is an effort to assist readers in understanding a particular concept more clearly and convincingly through images and designs.

The progression of graphic design has been closely linked to technical innovation. The ability to design has been practiced in various forms, along with human evolution, with reference to the ancient manuscripts found in China, Egypt, India and Greece, but is actually started demarcation of the 15th century with the development and growth of printing and publication of the 19th century the industrial revolution in the west.

Apple Macintosh computers are very popular in graphic design, despite new developments in hardware and software on another platform, namely Microsoft, theses days both in the system are widely accepted. Common uses of graphic design software including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Corel Graphics Suite, Flash, Freehand, Fireworks, Paint Shop, etc. simple graphics to advance 3D graphics today outshines graphic design visual images seen everywhere.

Regarding the use of graphics on Web sites, the use of graphics has become desirable and feasible since 1990, as Internet speeds increased dramatically and Internet browsers can display large images. Graphics used by websites are logos, banners, ads, navigation buttons, etc. gif format and also browsers now supports JPEG and SWF. This makes making websites and web design interface more attractive and outstanding, instead of plain text content.

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