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Online marketing is becoming a key marketing channel for many companies, and its heart is the successful design, website accessible. London companies looking for web design, however, are faced with a bewildering array of potential suppliers, all claiming to offer superior quality services. London is a big place, and represents one of the largest providers of web design in the UK.

With digital marketing continues to grow (often at the expense of other channels such as online PR), London is home to a growing number of web design companies. Spring Digital, based in London, offers the full range of services, and web page design, including e-mail marketing, public relations, consulting social media and conversion optimization. Richmond based on the dreams of Internet also offers a broad portfolio of services with a strong emphasis on web design but also covers advertising, branding and SEO. Datadial in Hammersmith, is positioned as a full-service agency with online marketing SEO capabilities, reputation management and link building.

What are the key issues to consider when selecting a design firm in London? The size of the agency is a key concern when choosing a supplier. London as a major center of culture and media, offers a number greater than the average of the largest design agencies and complete service. These major players are often the natural choice for the leading brands or larger organizations. But for the vast majority of customers, a small agency in London will be just as effective. Provided that the supplier has sufficient staff to provide a consistent and reliable level of service, and enough web designers dedicated to meeting customer needs, it makes little sense to pay for the extra capacity that adds little value. London SMEs, therefore, may find that a smaller player offers the best balance between quality and cost.

Another key concern is the breadth and focus of the portfolio of services - skills that also offers web design. London Design Agencies typically offer much more than web design. London customers are usually looking for much more than web design on their own - the website, once designed, must be optimized for search engines and promoted through channels such as social media, advertising PPC and affiliate websites perhaps. All these disciplines require specific skills that the best design agencies in London will have at home.

Does your web designer really needs to be in London? Many companies have decided to use low-cost economies like India. London, the reason it has become too expensive. However, the purchase of web design in this way can be a false economy. The design of your website should reflect all aspects of your business, and sometimes the subtleties of their value proposition is difficult to communicate to a web site designer of a culture different from many miles away. It may be that, in terms of long-term business benefit, you will achieve higher ROI by choosing a design agency in London.

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