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Why Sign Up For Free Website Monitor?

Why Select Free Monitoring Than Paid?

Plenty of services that can offer free monitoring of your website exist during these times. Most of the service providers within this domain give away free as well as paid monitoring services to their clients. Numerous advantages are in store for someone who signs up for such website monitoring services. We will be looking into the relevancy of services such as these in the ensuing discussion. It is important to consider that these services will keep on monitoring the health statistics of all of your websites in a timely manner. If the service encounters any kind of error, you will get intimation of the same.

How Website Monitoring Helps E-Commerce Websites?

In other words, free web monitoring will enable you to not keep on staring at the monitor every day to verify whether your website is functioning properly. Parameters such as these are very important for those who rely on their websites to earn their monthly income. For instance, not many people like the prospect of doing business with an e-commerce website that are frequently down at any given point of time in a month. The manner with which the owner of the website gets to know about the present health statistics of their websites is interesting. Most of the service providers are more than happy to offer free e-mail alerts. As soon as your website is down, you will get an e-mail stating the same.

Get Immediate Notification Of The Uptime

It is possible to take immediate remedial action thanks to the contributions of services such as these. Some of the companies give away free website monitor that also offers provisions to inform you about the statistics of the website on your mobile phone through brief short messages. Such provisions will always keep you in the loop regardless of being near the computer or not. Are you aware of the fact that there are handy little mobile applications, which will help you to monitor the uptime statistics of your website? Please pay attention to aspects such as these while searching for a service to monitor your website. Such applications will provide all the desired information that you wish to know within the interface itself.

Accessing Real Time Health Reports

Real-time reporting of the health statistics of the website is an innovative feature that is included in most of the free website uptime monitoring services. Such options will enable you to get an in-depth report of what exactly is going on the background. It is of no wonder that such services are in high demand during these times.

Briefly Speaking, Website Monitoring Services Can:

  • Inform you about the present up or down time statistics of your website.
  • Send you an e-mail to inform you about the same.
  • Send your brief short messages on your mobile phone about the health statistics of the websites that you have set for monitoring.
  • Provide such important services for free; paid options are also available to the power users.
  • Service providers such as GotSiteMonitor.com offer their expertise by monitoring your website from multiple locations across the globe so that you can get the most accurate information about the uptime.

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